Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fishball & Ham Macaroni Soup

It is definitely a hearty breakfast for me and it reminds me of Hong Kong.

Let me share the simple recipe with you.

Servings: 2


250ml Swanson chicken broth
250ml water
A handful of macaroni
3 slices of picnic ham, cut into squares
8 Bobo chilli fishballs


  1. Boil the chicken broth and water in a pot
  2. Add macaroni and let it cook for 5 minutes
  3. Add the picnic ham and fishballs and let it cook for 3 minutes
  4. Ready to serve

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

SampleStore x Beauty Keeper

02 April 2017

I had the opportunity to attend an event hosted by Sample Store and BeautyKeeper at Carnivore Brazillian Churrascaria.

If you have not heard of BeautyKeeper, they carry Taiwan products like cosmetics, skincare and sports bra. You can simply purchase from their online store and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Had my lunch prepared by Carnivore Brazillian Churrascaria which is known for the carnivorous buffet.

I am not a beef person but I got to say that it was really tender. If you like meat more than vegetables, you should try theirs.

The show started at about 1:30pm and the host was Hossan Leong. He was a great host who kept us all laughing during the show.

The show began with the appearances of Eva Chang and the Grand finalists for the SING!China Season 2 Singapore Selections. Marcus Lee will be representing Singapore in Shanghai to compete with the other nations' finalists.

Next, we have makeup artist Candy Tiong to share with us some skincare, bodycare and makeup tips using products brought in from BeautyKeeper.

One of the grand finalists, Aaron, was invited on stage as Candy's model to show us some skincare tips. She used MD/AA Jiao's Pulsed Mask Foaming Face Cleanser on Aaron's face to prep his skin.

Second step was the Userism Perfect Moment Ultra Water Facial Mask. Each sheet mask is packed in a test tube containing serum.

The facial mask consists of 2 layers. Place the white side of the facial mask on your face then peel off the pink side,

This way, you can easily position the facial mask on your face and put it on for about 20 mins. Be sure to remove the facial mask before it dries up.

While waiting for this step to complete, Aaron was given another task. 3 guests of whom 2 gentlemen and 1 lady were invited on stage to try the Destino soap which Hossan Leong was singing praises about.

Just looked at the fine bubbles produced from the bar soap, doesn't it make you want to hop in a bathub of it?

Candy cleaned the back of the palms of the 3 guests and Aaron, with his eyes closed, had to guess which guest's palm belongs to the lady.

The lady guest was the last guest but Aaron guessed the first guest who is a gentlemen. See how smooth your skin can be using the Destino bar soap.

Time for Aaron to remove the Userism Perfect Moment Ultra Water Facial Mask and witness how radiant and hydrated his face is. Even from a distance of about 5 meters, I could see how glowing his face is.

Next, we have the second model Mio who is also one of the finalists for SING!China competition. I thought she looks like Linda Chung, a Hong Kong actress.

Candy used the Userism DD cream as a foundation for Mio first. DD stands for daily defence and is an improved version of CC cream.

She then completed her day look using cosmetics and makeup brushes from Starsuki.

Candy also thought us how to transform our makeup to night look. Some tips are to highlight the nose bridge and cheeks. Try using suitable false eyelashes to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Candy demostrated makeup removal by just using the All-Belle Handmade Cleansing Cloth (most right) on the last model Kah Wei. This amazing cloth can remove your waterproof makeup gently too. As she travels in and out of Singapore frequently, this cleansing cloth will speed up the makeup removal process for her.

I would love to try it for myself too. And if you do travel frequently, do consider using the All-Belle Handmade Cleansing Cloth which will save baggage space and money from buying makeup removers. All  you need is water to wet the cloth and you can remove makeup inflight.

Some other products that were mentioned at the BeautyShow were Mollifix Highlight A++ Upgraded Sports Bra which is made of high density sports fabric that allows for more flexiblity. The Senseless  Light Shapewear is lightweight, comfortable and sculpts your body beautifully.

Serlando Rosy Pink Moisture Dew is the best-selling product on BeautyKeeper. You can use it on your lips, areola and vaginal area to lighten the pigmentation and I heard that it really works.

If you are suffering from acne or oily skin, you would be interested in the ERH 20% Mandelic Acid White Emulsion. It is made form natural ingredients and is suitable for all skin types.

Phytopia carries products made from natural ingredients thus you can use with a peace of mind. 

The green bottle on the left is the Simway Synergy which helps to shape your body with noticeable results in 2 weeks. I am curious to find out how it can suppress your appetite if you apply it on stomach area 30 minutes before meal. It would be wonderful news to all weight-conscious ladies.

The purple bottle on the right is the Stretch Marks Remover Synergy which helps in reduction of stretch marks, reduce discoloration and smooths texture. 

I was attracted by the packaging of the Taiwan Aboriginal Masks which has a range of moisturizing masks like Soapberry & Bird's Nest Fern and Caviar & Taro. Yes, they sound so nutritious.

Before the Beauty Show ended, the finalists of SING!China competition had a group photo taken with the sponsors.

And of course a welfie before we leave. Spot me if you can.

Picture from Sample Store

These are the goodies that I brought back from the BeautyShow. A big thank you to Sample Store and BeautyKeeper for being great hosts and sharing the various products.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Review: Shu Uemura Petal Skin Foundation

I used the samples for Shu Uemura Petal Skin Foundation which I saw on Pony Makeup recently and I am excited to share about it.

I obtained the samples from the Tangs counter and the beauty adviser Jonathan first applied the Block Booster on my jawline, followed by the Petal Skin Foundation shade 574. The shade does fit me very well but he advised me to take a shade lighter since most foundations do oxidise.

I was given 2 sachets of Block Booster and 2 sachets of Petal Skin Foundation shade 564 to try and here's how I looked like.

This photo was taken about half an hour after I applied the foundation and set with loose powder. 

Coverage was good enough and felt light on my face. It is matt and not drying.

Let's see what happens after I went to Mandai, sweat quite a bit from the heat and attended an indoor event.

This was taken 9 hours after application and without touch-up.

My face did shine but I felt that it wasn't that bad. I would say that the majority of the foundation still stayed on and I am quite impressed by it. I think it is worth a try.

Shu Uemura came out with a uniquely-designed brush which was already sold out on the date of release. Saddened by it but I have left my contact to be put on the waiting list.

Being a UberEATS Walker in Singapore - Part 2

01 April 2017

I decided to earn extra money as UberEATS walker again since I didn't have anything better to do.

I arrived at Holland Village at about 11:03am and went online as UberEATS Driver. For the first 10mins, I didn't receive any requests so I decided to go for an early lunch within the area. I still remain online while eating and of course I couldn't eat in peace.

I was done with my lunch by 11:40am and still did not receive any requests, I got to admit I was a little disappointed. I was purely wasting time by going into Cold Storage, Watsons, Guardian, The Body Shop and ultimately Starbucks Coffee. Ended up buying a frappe and enjoying it alone.

It started to rain shortly but I was glad that I was in the shelter sipping coffee.

It was about 1pm and I had not earn any money but only wasting time and money. I decided not to waste more time and headed home. I remained online while walking to Buona Vista MRT station and midway, I received a request but it was in Orchard. I didn't accept the request since it was impossible to walk there.

So yes, I didn't earn any money that day and learnt my lesson that I can't do UberEATS for weekend lunch.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Being A UberEATS Walker in Singapore

Are you thinking of being a UberEATS walker to earn extra cash? If your answer is yes, you might want to continue reading my experiences.

I started 2 weeks ago, hoping to use my time wisely, exercise and earn a little more money.

I got a referral code so that I can get my incentive of $100 for the first 30 trips which I have yet to achieve. And if you are looking for a referral code, I will gladly share mine with you. Good for you, good for me.

Referral Code: XINYI176UE

My first day of work was 05 March 2017 (Sunday). I reached Tanjong Pagar MRT at about 3pm and I started my first trip in less than 5 minutes after I went online.

I still remember vividly that it was a cup of honey milk tea from Tea Royal at Carlton City Hotel to Spottiswoode Road. Spottiswoode Road is actually closer to Outram MRT if you are wondering. The weather wasn't too bad but it was quite a distance.

I was already sweating by the time I arrived at the destination.

Walked back to Tanjong Pagar area but there wasn't any trips and it started raining at about 5pm. Thank goodness I didn't have any trips to make and I was outside Carlton City Hotel.

The rain stopped at about 5:30pm and I decided to head for dinner at Kajiken first. The dry ramen was so good and I finished it in less than half an hour.

Gladly I had a trip to make after dinner. It was brownie with ice-cream this time. Headed to Churn Creamery to pick up the order and headed to Pinnacle at Duxton. I was worried of ice-cream melting thus I was rushing and sweat even more.

I was already quite exhausted from the walking and wanted to stop new requests but too late. I had another trip to make and that is from Kith Cafe near Outram MRT to Eng Hoon Street. And if you don't know, Eng Hoon Street is near Tiong Bahru Market. 

When I reached Kith Cafe, the order wasn't ready so I sat down to recharge myself with water and also to recharge my smartphone. 

It was salad, bread and pasta this time. I had to walk past SGH to get to Eng Hoon Street. It was more than 1 km if I am not wrong. I could have called the support line to cancel it but I decided to just finish it and end the day.

Here's how much I earned for the 3 trips. And yes, Uber does take commission from my earnings but still gave me incentives.

Here comes another day of walking on 11 March 2017 (Saturday). This time, I am in Orchard and started making trips at about 12pm.

My first order was a rosti from Marche 313@Somerset to The Paterson. It was like walking from Somerset MRT to Orchard MRT without the air-con in shopping malls. Yes, I was sweating although I was wearing t-shirt and shorts.

Guess what? Before I reached The Paterson, I received and accepted another trip from Marche 313@Somerset again. I continued to deliver to The Paterson then walked back to Marche 313@Somerset. 

I couldn't remember what this second order was and I know I had to deliver to The Regalia at River Valley Road. It wasn't that far but it was sunny. My left hand was carrying the order and my right hand was holding the umbrella.

I had some time to rest at 313@Somerset after this trip and decided to walk to VIctoria's Secret at Mandarin Gallery for window shopping. Before I was done, I had a trip to make from Joe & The Juice at Wisma Atria to Leonie Hill Road.

After picking up the order, it was raining pretty heavily. I braced through the rain with my umbrella and had a fair bit of mud onto my legs. How heavy was it? One side of the paper bag with the drinks was drenched. I tried my best.

When I reached the destination, I received another new trip to pick up an order from Ayam Penyet President at Lucky Plaza and deliver to Emerald Hill Road. The journey was uphill and I was panting and sweating. All I wanted at that time was water and air-con. The customer spotted me at street level and called me out. Save my breath and energy from walking up the stairs.

While I was leaving Emerald Hill Road, I received my 5th trip request. I walked to Tangs Orchard to pick up the order from SaladStop then to Far East Plaza. I was entirely grateful for the short distance. This was definitely easy money but I decided it was my last trip for the day. My knees were aching.

And how much do I earn from the 5 trips? It wasn't that worth it right?

Let me sort out the pros and cons for you so you can decide whether to start or not.


  • Payout to your bank account by Thursday of the following week
  • All you need is your smartphone, water and umbrella. Pray hard that you have a good sense of direction if you can't read maps
  • You earn while you walk, better than playing Pokemon Go if you ask me
  • Flexible and you can work whenever you have free time

  • Be ready to sweat like a pig if the weather is sunny
  • Be ready to get drenched in the rain if the weather decides to play you
  • You don't know where you need to deliver the order to until you pick up the order
  • Only selected areas like CBD Area and Buona Vista (including Holland Village)
  • Earn lesser than a promoter if you calculate by hourly rate
I am still working as a UberEATS walker on some weekends so if you do spot me, please tell me that you have read my blogpost. I will appreciate it.

Gardens by The Bay

17 March 2017

It was my first time to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay. Be ready for a spam of photos.

Just look at the blooming cherry blossom trees.

Of course I had to take a selfie with the beautiful background.

A look at the olive tree before we see close-ups with the various cherry blossoms.

Your mood is sure to heighten up upon seeing the Sakura.

Let's focus on other flowers now.

There are definitely more other types of plants just within the Flower Dome which I think you should see for yourself.

Let's zoom into the Cloud Forest.

It was really cold at the entrance of the Cloud Forest and I was merely wearing a spaghetti top with shorts.

The moss was green and soft, not as disgusting as you think.

With the gigantic fake orchid sculpture.

Don't they look like coral reefs?

Time to see orchids.

That's about the photos I have to share.

The cherry blossoms will only be in Flower Dome till 24 March 2017 so please don't wait further and purchase your tickets online. Trust me, it is way easier and saves you time from queuing at the counter.