Friday, August 25, 2017

Referral Program for UberEATS Motocycle Delivery Partner

Are you a motorcyclist looking to earn extra cash as a UberEATS delivery partner? Here is your chance.

Please feel free to use my referral code xinyic176ue upon signing up.

And if you are already a UberEATS delivery partner, be more enthusiastic in referring friends to be a motorcycle delivery partner so you can earn rewards. The inviter gets $400 if the invitee makes the first delivery trip before 31 August 2017 and completes 50 trips ultimately.

Subsequent referrals will earn the inviter $300 when the invitee completes 50 trips.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Solution to Dreadful Laundry-Drying

If you have ever used bamboo poles to hang dry your laundry, you would understand how I used to feel when my mother seeks help. Where I used to stay, we had to hang laundry out of the kitchen window to dry at the soonest. Here are the steps I used to take to complete the task.The main point is that your arms and core had to be strong enough.

1) Using 2 hands, hold up the bamboo pole with 5 pieces of damp clothes. Imagine the weight of bedsheets and jeans.
2) Walk to the window, push the bamboo pole out of the window.
2) Pull the heavy bamboo pole in to fit the closer end to you right into the small round holder.

Credits to
I have seen my neighbours dropping a bamboo pole of clothes right to the ground level, thankfully no one was hurt. Imagine someone was hit or the neighbours' laundry was affected.

Thankfully, those days were gone for me. 

Although the newer HDB flats have better laundry systems, somehow the household can't hang too many clothes to dry so the frequency of washing clothes is still high. It ends up using more effort, water and electricity to work the washing machine. 

And when the rainy days are here, it takes a longer time for the clothes to dry fully and dirty laundry starts to build up.

The solution to all these issues has been found by Steigen, a company founded by homeowners who were searching for the best innovative solutions for their homes. From Year 2013 till date, they have sold over 10,000 products in 3 countries.

I had the opportunity to visit their showroom today and was pretty amazed by their products.

From left to right: Flexi, UV, Solar and Solar S

Let me introduce EXALT+ Solar which has the fastest drying speed among the 4 models. Believe it or not, it can dry t-shirt and jeans within 1-2 hours based on normal weather. This is especially good when you have ran out of clothes to pack for your vacation which is starting in hours. Or worse, you are rushing back to Tekong for your training but your military uniform is still damp.

The above model is the EXALT+ Solar which consists of 2 sets of fans and 2 sets of heater. It can drop down to a maximum of 1.2-meter and extended to 2.27-meter. The installation space required is 1.4-meter x 0.8-meter which is about the space you need for an average washing machine.

The mechanism uses side-folding scissor and stainless steel cables. The poles for extension are reinforced to support large textiles like bedsheet without warping.

If you are worried of wasting electricity, not to worry as they are set to auto turnoff after 2 hours. Besides, each cycle of drying only costs $0.25 as compared to $1.40 using a tumble dryer. You merely need a normal lighting point power for installation as the system is very energy efficient.

The stylish model uses full LED and is operated by a remote control which looks like below. Not to be terrified, the picture shows 4 remote controls for 4 different automated laundry systems. You only need 1 remote control for 1 system and they are battery-operated.

The EXALT+ Solar has a colossal capacity of 35kg which is more than enough for household washing machines which is perhaps a maximum of 10kg. That means, you can dry 3 loads of laundry each time. And that's if you need to wash 3 loads of laundry at one time.

It is suitable for condo yards, balcony, glass canopy of penthouse, high-ceiling condo, HDB BTO and HDB resale. False ceilings are suitable too. If you are worried, you are welcome to contact them for a free on-site assessment.

I have made a video of how the other bloggers had a hands-on with the Steigen automated laundry systems.


Good news! Steigen is now offering $50 off if you enter STEIGEN50 upon checkout via this link.

Do check out their website here or Facebook for more details. You can also visit their showroom or retailers nation-wide.

UberEats Walker in Clementi - Part 1

So I have stopped being a UberEats Walker for months and yesterday, I decided to get online again. This time, in Clementi where I am familiar.

I was online from 8:30pm at the Clementi Central fountain and playing Pokemon Go.

About 10 minutes later, I received and accepted a delivery request from Pezzo at Clementi Mall. Immediately walked towards it to collect.

After collection, I swiped to reveal the destination which is at Blk 338 Clementi Ave 2. This is always the scariest part as I will find out how far I got to walk.

I didn't follow the directions by the GPS since I know the shortcuts by walking through the void decks. One lesson that I learnt is not to always GPS. Most of the times it tells me to go by the road and that means I spend time waiting for the green man at traffic lights under the Sun.

Below is the breakdown of my earnings for the one and only trip. Not too bad I guess and it was windy during some parts of the journey. It is indeed better to deliver at night, at least the weather is cooler.

The Boost is for completion of 5 trips by this Sunday which means I still have 3 more days, fingers crossed.

If you are looking to be a UberEATS Walker like me, do key in my referral code: XINYIC176UE to earn an extra $100 upon completion of 50 trips. Good luck!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Belated Birthday High Tea at Shangri-La Hotel

30 July 2017

After living for 29 years, it was my first time to step into Shangri-La Hotel. The ground level was huge and allow me to say, the ambience was great. Any staff who you walked past would be greeting you. This is a 5-star hotel.

My dear friends reserved a table for 3 at The Rose Varanda, located at Level 2.

The sunlight was shining behind me, pardon me for the poor lighting. Scones were served promptly after we had sat down.

Yes, another poorly taken photo.

Let me give my opinion on the food selection.

Each person is entitled to a free choice of tea. I picked Lily of the Field.

My favourites were the Broccoli Quinoa Salad and the Tomato Cream Soup. I had 2 servings of both dishes.

It was an international selection which is not bad. We had salads, sashimi, sushi, dim sum, Chinese and Western cooked dishes and desserts like Vanilla Creme Brulee, Mango Ice-Cream, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Fondue and Strawberry Tart.

The staff sang me a Birthday song and took a group photo for us using Polaroid camera.

The Chocolate Birthday Cake was good but we were too full to finish it.

Overall, we had a good time and were really full.

Thank you, ladies for the Shangri-La high tea experience.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Review: Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

So recently I tried a sample of Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion which seems to be safe for sensitive skin according to the description.

Let's see the texture of it first.

Yes, it looks quite white and thick but I do find it slightly watery as I massaged it in. The light scent does remind me of oats.

After spending some time to massage into the skin, there is only slight stickiness.

I feel there is only slight improvement in skin texture so if you have very dry skin, don't count on it. It claims 24 hours' moisturizing which I don't agree. I still feel the product on my fingers when I wash my hands after an hour.

Will I buy this? Sorry I won't as it doesn't work well on me.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Slide Down The Woosh at Downtown East!

04 June 2017

A big thank you to Sample Store for giving my friend and I the chance to visit Wild Wild Wet. It was our first time there and yes, it was definitely more than just playing with water.

There were 2 highlights to this invitation. First is to set the Singapore Book of Records for the Most Number of People in Pairs Dressed Identically and second was the launch party of The Woosh which is Singapore's Longest Inflatable Freestyle Water Slide.

My friend and I arrived at 9:30am and both of us were wearing black t-shirts and black shorts to participate in "Seeing Double at Downtown East". We spotted many others dressed in identical outfits and there was even a pair of twins dressed in blue swimsuit. How sporty right? You can also join this campaign from 04 June - 31 July 2017 to enjoy twice the excitement of special promotions as seen below.

There were games for us to take part and win prizes for the Seeing Double Campaign featuring The Woosh which you will see more photos later.

There were also pretty and delicious refreshments prepared by Rasel. A good breakfast before we have fun.


There was a Best Dressed Competition in which 3 pairs were selected to compete with the rest of us as judges.

Before we leave the event area for the attractions, let's take a group photo to remember this moment.

Each of us receive a certificate for participating in the Singapore Book of Records for the Largest Gathering of Dress Alike Duos. This was also my first time for participating in Singapore Book of Records.

Finally, we got changed to take the water rides. The changing rooms were new and spacious. I'm very thankful for that. There were lockers available for rent. You can opt for full-day rental at $10.00 or 4-hour rental at $6.00, we picked the latter since we decided to leave by 12pm.

Since The Woosh was one of the highlights and it was the newest, we headed straight for it.

The Woosh consists of the 2 x 50-meter water slide which you can queue for either as they are the same. You don't need a mat or float for this, as water is constantly flowing down so no worries of skin abrasion. 

Before I went on it, I thought it wouldn't be that exciting and I wouldn't be making a sound but I was so wrong. I climbed up to the peak of the water slide and looked down, it still didn't look that scary. The moment I slide down, I was screaming for the first 2 seconds. It was so thrilling that my friend and I went on it again after other rides. Definitely worth a try and queuing under the Sun for our favourite ride.

As it was really getting very warm, we headed to the Shiok River which most of us know it as Lazy River. Felt so good and cool to soak ourselves. Life jackets are available for free at Professor's Playground, Tsunami and Slide Up. Tubes and normal floats are also free and available all over the park.

Picture from Wild Wild Wet

Next up is The Water Works which consists of one covered slide and one open slide. I only went on the covered slide starts from a lower level and all you see is black while you slide down the ride. It is mild and I didn't scream at all.

Picture from Wild Wild Wet

Ular-Lah is the next attraction we went on. Something that I don't know, it is the first raft slide in Southeast Asia. We queued for about 10mins and shared the float with 3 other visitors. The ride began with a fall down the slide and gentle turns which will still get you wet. As the float will spin, you won't always be at the same position. It is a gentle rapid ride to me.

Picture from Wild Wild Wet

If you are looking to chill at the beach without getting sand onto your feet, you can just head to Tsunami. The tides are activated at intervals so just get yourself a float or even a Unicorn float to take Instagram-worthy photos. Water was really salty so be prepared for it.

Picture from Wild Wild Wet

Slide Up was one ride that we didn't dare to take. It looks like Viking but way more scarier as you are only sitting on a float which does turn.

The kids will enjoy the Kids Zone and Professor's Playground which consists of slides, ladders and fountains. This is definitely a kids-friendly place and worth of family fun time. Not forgetting that you can splash water for all you want.

There are still more other rides like Royal FlushTorpedo and Free Fall which was closed for construction so we didn't get to ride.

While the weather has been so hot lately, this is a good chance for you to visit Wild Wild Wet with your family and friends. Seriously, you don't need to know how to swim to have a jolly good time in the water park. It is school holiday now and if you run out of places to go, why not consider a staycation at D 'Resort? You can enjoy many other activities at Orchid Bowl, eXplorerkid too.

Downtown East has organized a contest for you to win a 3D2N Staycation package at D 'Resort. All you need to do is to take part in their Twin & Win contest by uploading a wefie on Instagram with your friend or family in matching outfits and hashtag #SeeingDoubleSG. You can choose to upload a video instead of a photo. Contest runs from 04 June till 30 June 2017. 3 lucky winners will be picked based on creativity and will be contacted by Downtown East via DM before 09 July 2017. You can visit here for more information. Good Luck!

Wild Wild Wet
1 Pasir Ris Close
Singapore 519599

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Being a UberEATS Walker in Singapore - Part 3

I am thankful for the views for my previous posts on "Being a UberEATS Walker in Singapore" and was surprised that I actually received questions.

Just an update for any interested UberEATS Walker to-be, I have stopped working as a UberEATS Walker after serving Buona Vista area. I still do receive updates from UberEATS about the fare structure and service areas so I guess I should just share what I know.

Below is the service area for UberEATS drivers, here's the map for you to refer.

As for UberEATS Walkers, below is the current service area which has expanded to Bukit Timah and Kallang. I took a screenshot of it on 05 June 2017 morning which shows the Boost.

Maybe I should consider getting back on this flexible but sweaty job.

The hotspots are still Tanjong Pagar, Raffles Place and Star Vista according to UberEATS. I actually do feel that Orchard and Somerset are more popular with the amount of private housing there. By the way, do take note that you have to inform the security guard at the condominiums before entering. I was questioned once by a security guard for trespassing.

One huge thing that I am looking forward to is the expansion of the UberEATS Walker service area to Jurong. As I stay in the western part of Singapore, I can work for perhaps a few hours in the evening when I am available.

UberEATS still have promotions to attract walkers to work for them. For this week starting from 28 May 2017, if you can meet 80% acceptance rate and 70% completion rate based on 25 trips, you can unlock the Gold Achievement Bonus of $25. Not sure if this is really attractive. That's about what i can share for now.

Updated on 19 June 2017
The requirement for the $25 Gold Achievement Bonus for this week remains.